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Honour yourself with food awareness – conversation with Eryn Kyna

This was shot initially as a part of our On-Line RAW FOOD COURSE INTENSIVE , which is structured as a 17 day module program, covering both classic and advance techniques in preparing raw food cuisine as well as general knowledge on nutrition and working in the kitchen.
because I feel that this message needs to be shared with more of you I decided to post this video here.

If you are on this site you probably have already shifted the way you eat. (or at least thinking about shifting!)

food is powerful.

It changes our physical health… we all know this. Most of the modern diseases are caused or triggered by our lifestyle and diet is a huge part of this.

It affects our environment and people around us. every decisions you make, every dollars you spend you are either contributing ethical, and thriving planet or giving the money to people and companies that are not nurturing or honouring your wellness or our environment’s.

“you are what you eat” we hear this so much these days. The meaning of this extends deeper than physical “foods” on the plate. It is a physical, spiritual and even political message. Even though putting so much emphasis on what we eat can create unneeded anxiety and unhealthy behaviours we cannot ignore the fact that every choices and decisions we make can create what we are and how we are going to live. I think it is about where this motivation comes from. Does it come from love, enjoyment, compassion or fear?

I really enjoy the practical tips she shared in the video. I think these tips can help you to build healthier and more empowering relationship with food.

what did you think of this conversation? How eating food consciously changed you?

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