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#5 podcast Conversation with The Wild Co. – Breakfast cereal company

As Part of my podcast, Wellness Foodie, I have started recording a conversation with people . They are the people who I respect, admire, learn from and just feel good hanging out with.  Jin Rohn famously said “You are the average of five people you spend the time with the most” I get that.

I often talk about how everything you consume, becomes part of you. This does not only apply to food. The thoughts that you think, the conversation that you have with people, feeling that you get…. they all affect your wellbeing. It is sometimes necessary actively look for the opportunity to be inspired in life.

After running Shoku Iku for 5 years, I was feeling stagnant and had to do something to change that. I knew that one of the reasons was because I was stuck in my own bubble. I had to reconnect with others again.

So this is the first conversation that I share with you in the podcast.

Melisa and Romana have eaten their way around the word together after quitting their jobs and turned their love for healthy food into a successful business.

Find out

  • how the idea of their breakfast products came about
  • how social media influencers helped the way people use their products
  • how they made a conscious decision to have work and life balance in life
  • new products they are working on
  • why it is so important to just start

and more

You can watch on YouTube (because its always nice to see who you are listening to, right? ) or Podcast (because it’s just so convenient)

When you are reading this as this post comes out we are using their granola tooth up our Superberry bowls and adding free toppers for in store smoothies for a couple of weeks.

Make sure to tag us @shokuiku and @thewild_ so we can see that you are enjoying our collaboration

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thank you so much for your support and love always


yoko x

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