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Power of Herbs for Children’s Health

In the midst of our fast-paced lives, where processed foods and digital distractions dominate, the call to return to nature for our children’s well-being is louder than ever. Herbs, often […]

Relationship between emotions and the organs

We all experience occasional mood swings, but when emotional turbulence becomes a constant presence in our lives, it’s essential to delve deeper. Your emotions may seem like they are in […]

Unveiling the Beauty of Pearl

Pearl (margarita), an ancient superfood revered for centuries, offers a myriad of health benefits that have captivated cultures worldwide. With a rich history spanning over 4,000 years, civilizations such as […]

Three Treasure theories explained

The Three Treasures, also known as Jing, Qi, and Shen, form the foundation of the most significant philosophical concepts in Traditional East Asian Medicine. These concepts, holism and mind-body synthesis […]

The life cycle of men and women

Thre is an Eastern concept of human vitality going through cycles as essence, Jing. It happens every 7 years for women. Men every 8 years.  Though it is a natural […]

Astragalus – immunity super hero herb

Astragalus is one of the most prized herbs traditionally as well as by modern science. For over 2,000 years, Astragalus Has been one of the 50 elite herbs for its […]

All about Gynostemma

We all want to restore and maintain our health and well-being. Even though I have no hestitation for taking the most difficult tasting herbs if it works its always a […]

Cultivating Shen

cultivating Shen

    In our modern society we tend to put so much emphasis on external or physical beauty. But this is not sustainable. If we measure our self worth with […]

#20 podcast – Adaptogens

So what are adaptogens…. Basically adaptogens refers to non specific herbs that can enhance human body. According to the primary definition that was set in 1940. They need to meet […]

#19 podcast – Autumn (metal season)

Autumn, the season of Metal, is a great time to slow down,  sleep longer and reflect. The focused organs for this season are Lungs and large intestines. As the weather […]