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Astragalus – immunity super hero herb

Astragalus is one of the most prized herbs traditionally as well as by modern science.
For over 2,000 years, Astragalus Has been one of the 50 elite herbs for its ability to restore health And rejuvenate on many levels.


Astragalus many be the most famous for its immune boosting abilities. Often paired with ginseng or echinacea it is known to fortify the immune system during cold and flu season as a general preventative and health reasons. Regular use of astragalus is shown to increase Disease fighting immune antibodies, stimulating T-cells.
It is also used to help with AIDS and other immune system disorders.

Astragalus may be used alongside of chemo treatment to improve quality of life and reduce the symptoms. It may decrease the toxic reactions from the radiation and elevate immune functions.

Some studies have also shown astragalus to have anti-cancer, anti-viral properties as well as it may help with respiratory conditions.

Longevity and anti-aging

Several studies have indicated that short telomere length is associated with aging-related diseases. Our cells are continually replicating and dividing. Each time this happens new copeies of DNA must be made for the new cell to function properly. However due to many factors DNA can become damaged. Telomere shortening can be affected by environmental factors, including physical activity, body mass index (BMI), hormone replacement therapy, smoking, drinking alcohol, chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, radiations, dietary antioxidants and vitamins.

Telomerase is our body’s natural mechanism to fight DNA damage and aging. The telomerase enzyme works to repair the genetic errors in damaged DNA and restore it back to its healthy, original blueprint. On this front, Astragalus root contains special compounds called cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV that have been shown in human and animal studies to powerfully stimulate the activity of telomerase.

The shortening of telomeres can be reversed by the enzyme telomerase. It fights against DNA damage and aging and works to restore healthy DNA.  Telomerase plays a vital role in maintaining the length of telomeres and aids in stabilizing chromosomes during cell division. In the presence of telomerase, dividing cells can replace lost bits of DNA and even repair the cells to allow the process of healthy cell division to continue.

A compounds found in Astragalus, called astragaloside IV amd cycloastragenol have shown their ability to protect telomeres or stimulate telomerase

A number of fascinating studies on human cells and animals have shown that certain compounds in Astragalus root have measurable telomerase-stimulating and enhancing effects, which have been linked to increased longevity, anti-aging and DNA repair. Telomerase is a special kind of protein that repairs damaged DNA sequences in our cells.

Heart health

Astragalus may help prvent plaque buidup in the arteries and protect the inner wall of the vessel. A few studies have indicated imporvement of cardiovascular health including chest distress, pain and dyspnea (shortness of breath). Other studies have shown its ability to reduce blood pressire and triglycerides. High level of  triglycerides is associated with many forms of heart disease, such as stroke, heart attack and hardening of artery walls.

Blood sugar control / diabetes

Astragalus is also a popular herb to assist diabetes. Some studies show its ability to lower glucose levels, when added to standard treatment. Oral consumption also significantly reduced hemoglobin A1c, a measure of long-term blood glucose levels.

Kidney disease in diabetics is also a common problem, and astragalus has been used to treat kidney illness for many years. More recent studies in humans and animals have shown astragalus can slow the progress of kidney problems in diabetics and protect the renal system. (1213)

Kidney health

Injection of Astragalus have shown the protective effect on Kidney functions as well renal damage. Kidney disease is very common in diabetes and high blood pressure patients. Astragalus has alao shown the potential to reduce kidney inflammation, improve their function, and protect them against toxic drugs in multiple animal studies.;year=2014;volume=1;issue=2;spage=53;epage=57;aulast=Chen#ft31

Traditional use of astragalus

Materia Medica states “Radix Astragali is sweet in taste with a warm property. The raw herb can be used to consolidate the exterior the body. If there is an absence of sweating, it can restore normal sweating, and if there is excessive sweating, it can regulate it to a normal degree. It warms the muscles and strengthens the striae as well as invigorates qi.”

Astragalus invigorates qi and ascends the yang-qi, and also suppots protective qi. 

Its traditional use include

Spleen and stomach qi deficientcy. – this may manifests with symptoms like fatigue, bloating, difficulity digesting

Lung qi deficiency – Protective qi circulates in the body’s exterior regions like the skin, mucosa and muscles. It is a defensive machanism against the external invasions. Astragalus invigorates lung qi, which turn benefits protective qi. It is important for our immuntiy.

Urinary difficulty and edema due to dampness – when qi does not flow it will affect the bod fluid distribution and can result in edema. Astragalus invigorates qi and can trasform fluid.

Blood deficiency – It says qi is the commander of blood. Blood flow is regulated by qi and when deficient it leads to blood stagnation, pain, numbess and tiredness. Astraglus is used to invigorate the blood, helpig to produce blood as well as to move the blood which benefits blood circulation.

Our astragalus is  10:1 extract, semi wild harvested in the “Di Tao” Region of Origin in China.

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