pistachio dark cacao cake – raw vegan recipe

raw vegan pistachio cacao cake

Raw cheesecakes are fun to make and we all love them! But I sometimes crave drier cakes that are still decadent and full of whole food goodness. Recently I was interviewed by The Beauty Arcana and shared a recipe for this pistachio dark cacao cake.  Raw and gluten free, using enough cacao butter and powder […]

How not to get a hangover

Which booze is most likely to give you a sore head?

Party season is coming up. December is a busy time of the year for many of us. Many of the gatherings we attend involve alcohol. Even many health advocates have drinks now and then. So is drinking alcohol bad for you? I have seen a few studies showing benefits of drinking moderately (moderate is the word […]

quick natto living salad – vegan, living food

quick natto living salad

  There is a difference between raw food and living food. raw food diet can consist of unactivated nuts and no fermented products. Living food, in my opinion is much superior and offers more nutrients as well as food energy. Beans, legumes and grains are not big part of my current diet, with an exception […]

how to make your Natto

how to make natto

Natto has been getting a spotlight lately. So what is natto? Natto is a traditional japanese dish made from soy beans that are fermented with unique bacteria, bacillus subtilise natto. It does have an acquiring taste and smell and many people are put off by them. But what is all he fuss about? All fermented foods […]

raw vegan black sesame ice cream

raw vegan ice cream recipe

  I have posted a few ice-cream recipes already. lychee ice cream float recipe lavender and blueberry ice cream recipe maca, avocado and blue majik ice cream recipe rose and pistachio ice cream recipe baobab ice cream recipe I just can’t get enough :-0 Now that dairy or refined sugar are not my favourite things to […]

bamboo salt facts

bamboo salt

This is an extract from Koreansalt What is bamboo salt? A Korean Oriental doctor named Kim Il hoon (1909~1992, the picture of below) is the man who discovered the process of bamboo salt. The exact method of bamboo salt production can be found in the book that he published “The Universe and the God’s Medicine.” […]

raw food intensive course


Are you in charge of your own health? I like listening to podcasts these days. If you see me riding my bicycle to work, that is what I am usually doing. ( maybe it is not a safe way though!) I came across this interesting concept. “being a ripple” Some of us are naturally extrovert […]

raw vegan nettle flatbread – free recipe


  raw vegan nettle flatbread recipe Have you ever stung by these prickly “weeds” ? As annoying as they may be they are super heroes when it comes to their nutrition and health benefits. CLEANSERS Removes metabolic wastes and stimulate on the lymph system to gently excrete toxins. JOINT HEALTH It has anti-inflammatory effect and […]

best raw vegan panna cotta recipe! sugar free

raw vegan panacotta

Raw, vegan, gluten free and even sugar free. this panna cotta recipe has everything you are looking for. Creamy yet light. I am so in love! enjoy xx RAW VEGAN PANNA COTTA RECIPE Panna Cotta 1/2 cup fresh coconut meat 1 cup cashews, soaked, rinsed 1/4 cup almond milk 2 tbs irish moss gel 5 […]

raw vegan Brigadeiros truffle recipe


There are many truffle recipes I adore. I wanted to create a texture that are smoother and creamier and these truffles happened. They look pretty amazing with the colourful coating, right? You can try other coatings like goji berry, coloured buckwheat, other superfood powders. These truffles last several days in the fridge but pomegranate powder […]