lola berry, leading nutritionist"Shoku Iku has been one of my favourite raw food experiences, and i've travelled around the world eating and training in raw food so that's a  big call.I loved every meal, it felt clean, light but so filling at the same time. My favourite dish was the zucchini pasta with nut balls and tomato sauce, the textures were spot on for me. All the crunchy salads were great too and it would be a crime not to mention the ridiculously amazing raw treats, rather than me tell you about them, do yourself a favour and try them! Plus the whole place is made from sustainable materials so it has an awesome feel and energy. So  rapt a place like this now exists in Melbourne, Yoko, you're a huge inspiration, keep shining!"

Lola Berry, leading nutritionist

First of all I just have to say that I appreciate very much Yoko’s honestly and passionately crafted morsels and her consideration of the consumer, the sustainability of the environment, her values and simultaneously managing to create blissfully flavoured products. I will certainly be purchasing them regularly and with confidence in knowing that I am eating something that is 100% healthy.


"Taking a private cooking class with Yoko was not only fun but educational. Being a new vegan and never have cooked raw food before it was certainly an eye-opening experience and a great way to make a start. Yoko is highly knowledgable and experienced with raw and super foods that she was able to teach me three delicious and nutritional recipes with ease within a couple of hours. I look forward to taking more classes with her in the future."


images-4"Yoko is one of the most blissful humans I have ever met. Her inner light radiates from every ounce of her being. Her passion for health and balance shines through in her holistic menu at Shoku Iku. Yoko values the traditional uses for herbs and creates dishes accordingly that energetically bring the body back into balance. Her menu is like the Garden of Eden for health-foodies- there are just too many delicious items to choose from! Not only is the food nourishing and delicious, the space for me acts as a little healing sanctuary tucked away on the north side of the city. Om om om"

Monica Rude from ActivEats

firecracker event at shokuiku"Yoko and her team are a delight. They are passionate and knowledgable about what they do and are happy to share this with you. As an innovative raw food cafe, I love popping in to see what they are serving up and always leave feeling nourished. Yoko's sweets are heavenly. You would have no idea that they are raw, vegan and dairy free and I love serving them at events. My clients get a real buzz out out of knowing that they are healthy sweets and always go back for seconds - more so because they are delicious! I love working with Shoku Iku because of their aligned values, their contribution to the community and because of Yoko and the magic she weaves with food."

Cassie Lucas at Firecracker

adele from vegiehead“More than a cafe, more than a community hub and more than an enlightened space…Shoku Iku is a haven for all that is right and good. Yoko is one of my favourite chefs and in each and every dish, you can taste the love and care that have gone into it. Her eco-friendly space is comfortable, friendly, and no matter who you are or what you choose to eat, Shoku Iku welcomes all with open arms.

A Melbourne mainstay and must-eat!”

Adele Cherie, owner and founder of VegieHead

"thank you, thank you for making me the most AMAZING raw cake for my bridal shower. nice to know I could indulge in something I could actually eat!"

@appetitefor health

"Shoku Iku makes some of Melbourne's best and healthiest raw vegan sugar free gluten free cakes. yep. just another amazing lad out there kicking butt in the food biz."

@Smoothie girl

"Birthday cake at it's best! thank you Shoku Iku for making such a delicious and healthy treat. one of the best cakes I have ever had."


shokuiku in media


broad sheet  march 2013

shokuiku in the age

good food / the age  september 2013

good food / the age  March 2014 melbourne's  top 10 meat free menus

weekend notes april 2013

david wolfe dining at shokuiku

one of my mentors , David Wolfe dining at Shoku Iku

matthew kenny at shokuiku

amazing raw chef, Mathew Kenny dining at Shoku Iku



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