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Relationship between emotions and the organs

We all experience occasional mood swings, but when emotional turbulence becomes a constant presence in our lives, it’s essential to delve deeper. Your emotions may seem like they are in […]

Why Liver Cleansing is Vital

The liver serves as an astonishingly intelligent central hub within the human body, orchestrating a complex symphony of functions. It operates as an intricate filtration and processing system, managing a […]

Medicinal Mushrooms for Dogs

Can dogs eat Medicinal mushrooms? Discover the natural healing potential of medicinal mushrooms for dogs and explore how these extraordinary fungi can improve your furry companion’s well-being. With a rising […]

Choose your mushroom

ANCIENT MUSHROOMS: Tapping into the Power of Medicinal Fungi Medicinal mushrooms have a captivating history that spans centuries and civilizations. From the frozen remains of Ötzi the Iceman, who carried […]

Three Treasure theories explained

The Three Treasures, also known as Jing, Qi, and Shen, form the foundation of the most significant philosophical concepts in Traditional East Asian Medicine. These concepts, holism and mind-body synthesis […]

Herbal Preparation

Herbs are consumed in many different forms. Some common herbs like basil, ginger, turmeric, oregano can be included in every day diet easily. Other tonic  / Medicinal herbs may need […]


Cordyceps Mushroom is one of the most fascinating mushrooms. It is a fungus that takes over the body of insects. Wild cordyceps is very expensive and not vegan. However we […]

Butterfly Pea flower latte

We all deal with things in a different way. My way tends to be avoidance and distractions. But when there is a opportunity to sit deep in the thoughts and […]