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Shoku Iku ambassador program #tonicmyway

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As you know I am passionate about these super foods and herbs. I am 100 percent confident that including these powerhouse into your life can be a transformative experience.
We love being creative in the kitchen and I am sure you will have a fun time putting together some amazing creations.
Use of medicinal mushrooms and superfoods and herbs are so popular these days and I have seen many companies doing up with their versions. It is an exciting time! We have been using, researching and supplying these products for a long time. We are dedicated to supplying these herbs that are safe, potent and high quality, and created with integrity.

Shoku Iku is looking to collaborate with creative thinkers, game changers and truth seekers who share our mission. We hope to develop an authentic and close relationships for a long term partnership to benefit the whole community by raising our vibration.
Here is the breakdown of our program into 3 levels.



Shoku Iku Advocates

I am not much of a content creator, but I am a genuine tonic and wellness lover who want to show support through my personal social media and share with family and friends

  • Discount code to share with family/friends/community
  • Exposure on our social media

Shoku Iku Ambassador

I am a content creator who is wiling to create posts or take part in marketing campaigns in exchange for free products. I am a food/wellness blogger or public figure centred around healthy eating, wellness lifestyle, and spirituality and yoga lifestyle. I have a minimum or total following of 10K on social

  • Discount code to share with family/friends/community
  • Exposure on our social media
  • Free product
  • Open opportunity for product support for events, giveaways etc.

Business Collaboration 

We are a business that aligns with Shoku Iku philosophy. We are exited to be working with Shoku Iku and possibly develop and curate some collaborative campaigns and projects together.



To get in touch and learn more, email us with the answers to the questions below.

  1. Name, Location
  2. Social media handles and profiles
  3. What you resonate with Shoku Iku brand and ethics and reasons you want to work with us
  4. What you can do to spread Shoku Iku love
  5. Which level of the three you fit into
  6. How we can help you

(Please allow us some time to get back to you)


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