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raw food class at shokuiku

This year I have decided to focus more on running raw food workshops. So many of you have asked and every time we have organised one they are sold out in less than 24 hours! The great feedbacks I get after the workshop always melt my heart, knowing that they will be sharing their knowledge and inspiration with their loved ones.

I always loved learning and experimenting in my own kitchen. I loved going through some amazing recipes for inspirations. But doing a workshop with others who are on the same path with me is such a wonderful experience.

You know you are not alone, when you want to eat a little differently than SAD (read Standard Australian Diet). You are not alone when you are confused after reading different opinions on internet. You are not alone when you feel unmotivated to eat healthier.

I am not here to tell you that my way is the only way. Because they are not. You will still have to experiment and find your own way that suits you and works for you. But I have learnt through many mistakes – unset raw cheesecakes (it still tasted nice but I could only serve in a bowl) , sluggish digestion (not funny to those around me) etc etc. – and here to share what I know.


I will be organising another Fundamental raw food class before winter comes. Another “winter themed” class in Winter.

Then we are getting more serious! I am super excited to get this going in Spring so please keep an eye on the updates!


thank you for your support and love always

yoko x


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