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Special order whole raw cake

Full Description

All our cakes are organic, raw, vegan, gluten and refined sugar free. the sizes and prices as follows

16cm starts from $80  serves 8-12

19cm                     $90 serves 12-14 

21cm                     $100  serves 14-16

23cm                     $110  serves 16-18

We also have a square cake that can serve around 20 $130  or 25 $150

from here you can go up to any sizes including multiple tier cake options.


With flavours we love being creative and flexible, if you could let us know what you would like we can suggest a couple of options for you. 

We also offer nut free and other No-GI/ beneficial sugar options (stevia , lakanto, leo han guo, or sunroot syrup, which is high in inulin and good for digestive system). - extra cost applies 

 Please note that the order is needed 5 days before the pick up.

Get in touch with us via to place an order


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