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Shoku Iku : Raw Food RESET – 5 Days

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Raw Food RESET – 5Day

In the midst of the demands of daily life, finding a moment to reset can be a rare gift. Introducing our Raw Food RESET – 5 Day program, a meticulously crafted journey designed to revitalise your body and usher in a healthier lifestyle.

Purposeful Reset: For those moments when you feel burdened by sluggishness, carry unwarranted weight, or find yourself amidst the pressures of a hectic life, our 5 Day Reset offers a concise and purposeful solution.

Chef-Crafted Elegance: Picture an experience akin to having a personal chef, where the nuances of meal preparation are handled for you. Our program, a fully catered affair, allows you to relish in the delight of scrumptious, raw, and wholesomely prepared cuisine—leaving you with nothing but the simple joy of enjoyment.

Reset Without Deprivation: Forget crash diets and restrictive regimens. With our Reset Programs, experience the joy of nourishing your body while indulging in mouthwatering raw living food. It’s a reset without deprivation, a journey towards wellness that feels like a treat every day.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Organic: Our commitment to locally sourced, organic ingredients is a testament to our pursuit of freshness and quality.
  • Plant-Based: Embrace the nourishing potential of plant-based nutrition with every bite.
  • Thoughtful Dietary Considerations Gluten-free and dairy-free offerings cater to discerning palates without compromising taste.
  • Grain-Free: Elevate your culinary experience with wholesome, grain-free delicacies.
  • Sugar-Free: Enjoy the inherent sweetness of natural ingredients, absent the influence of refined sugars.


Embark on a Journey to Wellness: Should you seek to embrace a sense of lightness, focus, and revitalisation, we invite you to explore the Raw Food RESET – 5 Day program. Reserve your place today and commence a voyage toward a healthier, happier version of yourself.


Join us on a path to be reenergised and rejuvenated with a well-planned menu showcasing raw food like never before. We will be right there by you to motivate and guide you when you embark on this program.

Can you only fit in 3 days? click here for a shorter option.


Full Description

What is included in the Raw Food RESET? 

3 complete raw vegan meals with an option to include 5 bottles of our delicious green juice

Rejuvenating organic tea


As always all Shoku Iku meals are:

  • Organic,
  • Plant based,
  • Gluten free,
  • Dairy free,
  • Grain free,
  • With NO refined sugar

The meals will of course include the Shoku Iku trademark of using plentiful herbs and superfoods to further help the cleansing and detoxing. 



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