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Shoku Iku : Raw Food RESET – 5 Days

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Raw Food RESET – 5Day

A quick and sure fire way to RESET your body – if you are feeling sluggish, carrying unwanted weight, feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unmotivated or just want to get your body ready for a more healthy lifestyle this is the program for you.

Just takes the guesswork of everything, like your very own personal chef,  as it is fully catered meal program to indulge in scrumptious raw, healthy, wholesome food fully prepared – all you need to do is to enjoy.

Join us on a path to be reenergised and rejuvenated with a well-planned menu showcasing raw food like never before. We will be right there by you to motivate and guide you when you embark on this program.

All meals are:

  • Organic,
  • Plant based,
  • Gluten free,
  • Dairy free,
  • Grain free,
  • With NO refined sugar


Full Description

What is included in the Raw Food RESET? (Expandable tab)

3 complete raw vegan meals with an option to include 5 bottles of our delicious green juice

Rejuvenating organic tea


As always all Shoku Iku meals are:

  • Organic, 
  • Gluten-free, 
  • Plant-based
  • Raw
  • Sugar free 

The meals will of course include the Shoku Iku trademark of using plentiful herbs and superfoods to further help the cleansing and detoxing. 


Can you only fit in 3 days? click here for a shorter option.



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