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“organic is no better” study and why I don’t care

If you know me in person you know how passionate I am about organic food. It even amazes me that we see organic food as “special” food and conventional foods as “normal” food. How normal is it that we spray all these chemicals, ruin the soils, inject hormones into animals and cage them in a crowded room?

The first time I became aware of the differences was when my mum started getting organic delivery back in japan. She used to order with the neighbours and on every Mondays a truck came to drop off the produce. She used to go through the order form and read brochures that told her about farmers who grew them, seasonal specials and different community events.

It is so clear to me how superior organic foods are, and was quite shocked that people still like to argue how organic food is Not healthier.

Most of this idea is based on the study done by Stanford University in 2012.  The doctors have concluded that there is not much difference in nutrients. The media seemed to jump on this and claimed that organic foods are not much healthier than the conventional, ignoring the fact about significant increase of pesticide and antibiotic exposure.

One critic, Dr. Kirsten Brandt, an agricultural scientist, showed that this study missed vital nutrients, which are more abundant in organic produces such as vitamin C, anti-oxidant and other flavonoid.

I also wonder how the study can be controlled. Many nutrients levels depend on how long they have been out of the ground. The foods start losing most of their nutrients as soon as they are harvested.

You only need a basic common sense to realise that we do not need any more toxic exposure than we already do. When living in this modern society there is some things that we cannot control.  These environmental toxins have shown to cause health problems such as cancers, endocrine disruption, hormone imbalances, neurological disorders etc.  Our children are more vulnerable because of their smaller body and rapid physical development. Many of the contaminants can pass through to placental barrier from the mothers and they can even stay inside the body for number of years to pass down the generations. you can read more about this in this report. With foods, you can choose organic or conventional.

All the scientific studies are interesting to see and useful. But to me it is quite simple. I wouldn’t spray pesticides on my vegetables before I eat them. So I don’t want anybody else doing that either.

There will be people saying about their circumstances (financially or that it is not convenient etc.) and I get it too. I am not here to judge anyone. I just want to put this idea out, that we are so powerful. When we buy local organic produce you are supporting these farmers who care for our soils, water and the air. We can support to sustain conscious and kind world for ourselves and  all living creatures on this earth.

At Shokuiku we always used organic ingredients but we started getting a delivery from a local farmer. Every week he updates us with what is available for the week and what is coming up. He comes and drop his produce off and he sits down to eat with us. We take his passion, love and hard work with gratitude. That is when I forget about all the studies and reports about a difference between organic and conventional produce. it is not even a competition. I feel it. And I am sure you can too.

I dream of the time that all foods are organic.

the time that they are grown in the way that the nature intended.

until then I am not compromising.

organic produce at cafe shokuiku




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