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noni fruit – this “vomit fruit” can cure?

Noni is definitely one of the superfoods you should know about! maybe it hasn’t taken off because it is pretty strong in taste.

The noni plant is high in antioxidant, vitamin c and potassium but the main benefits come from its phytonutrients which have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds.

Noni has been used in many traditional remedies including southeast Asia, Australasia as well as in India. Healers in those areas have been using noni as a general wellbeing tonic to specific ailments such as cancer, HIV joint pain, skin ailments, anti ageing solution, weight loss, mood enhancer and more.

The drawback for us was that it is not easy to have an access to fresh noni. If you are lucky enough to encounter fresh noni you’ll agree that it is not really appetising. Noni has a strong smell and doesn’t taste fantastic!

You may have seen noni juices in bottles. The problems with these bottled noni juice is that many have added sugar or other preservatives to taste better and last longer. Most of the noni has been pasteurised and fermented which often reduce the potency of noni.

The best ways to include noni for me were either by raw noni powder, made from whole noni or noni leather

on the last trip to Hawaii I have come cross this noni leather for the first time. It is 100 percent pure organic noni fruit, raw through low heat processing from non-fermented noni pulp and anti-oxidant level of this noni leather is pretty incredible.

(ORAC value)

340,000 —- noni fruit leather

3,082 –- apples

2,400 — blueberries

1,506 — noni juice


Being 14 times more potent than noni juice and above all it tastes great. The serving size can be small to receive the benefits  (though I can’t help myself eating more. it is just like fruit leather) My dog even loves it 😉


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