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Winter Wellness

From the perspective of Eastern Medicine, winter is a season of deep introspection and conservation. This time of year is characterised by the body’s natural inclination to turn inward, aligning […]

Concept of “養生” – You-Sei


“養生” – You-Sei, Yang Sheng in Chinese, is one of the fundamental concepts of Daoism and Kampo (Traditional Japanese Medicine), which translates to “nurture life”.  It emphasises addressing minor health issues at […]

Herbs and Tips for Lucid Dreaming

Ancient wisdom from Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus suggests that sleep serves as a bridge between life and death—an idea echoed by Homer, who likened sleep to “death’s little brother.” […]

Butterfly Pea and Mulberry lemonade

Looking to add a burst of colour and flavour to your day? Here is how to make this enchanting Butterfly Pea Flower and Mulberry Leaf Lemonade. What you’ll need: Here’s […]

What Your Cravings Are Telling You

Food cravings have long been dismissed as indulgences or weaknesses in our willpower. However, when viewed through the lens of Eastern Medicine and the Five Elements theory, cravings take on […]

Everything About Cellular Detox

Living in a Toxic World: Why Cellular Detox Matters In our daily lives, we are surrounded by things that can harm our bodies without us even knowing it. From the […]

Raw Vegan Matcha and Sour Cherry Mousse Cake

Indulge your taste buds with a decadent delight – a raw vegan dessert that harmoniously layers exquisite flavours and nourishing ingredients. This sumptuous creation begins with a foundation of raw […]