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after thought. raw soul celebration

I am still going through some images from our latest event and our first “raw soul” event,  1st year celebration and fund-raising which happened only a couple of days ago.  I will add some images form the event soon.

I just wanted to thank all the people who attended and helped on the nights and share my thought.

Ohhh, what a night. I came back in the light of full moon, feeling the most joy and happiness.  As I spoke at the event I have gone through up and down in my life. my health and emotional fall, relationship breakdown and “trauma” in my childhood that i never properly dealt with then were always with me and now I know they are all connected. How I behaved, felt and dealt with many everyday things were the ways that I learnt  after all of these events that happened to me in the past. I never wanted to think too much about them. It was my way of coping. I told myself that these things happen and to  get over them. I didn’t want to talk to people about it for so many reasons. The feeling of unsupported, fear, guilt, embarrassment, loneliness, shame, blame were tucked in without properly recognised.

It is only recently that I started looking at why I feel the way I do and connected it with all these things together. I had to go back to 11 year old me and gave her a deep hug and told her that everything would be ok. that it is not her fault. I had to go back to 14 year old me and said she was not alone. 25 year old me needed to know that she didn’t have to do everything herself.  27 year old me had to know that she could see her daughter grow up strong and healthy, 32 year old me needed to know that she is understood and she would feel the happiness again.

I still feel the sadness come over me but it is in a different way now. I know that these things happened for a reason and for a Right reason. It was an opportunity for me to grow and take me to where I am standing, finding ME, my soul. For that I am grateful.

Feeling the way I felt after the events I feel like I am so close to finding. We are meant to feel like this, radiating such amazing energy of love and gratitude. Knowing that you are in the most important time of your life now, not in the past, not in the future, just right now. That is when you know that you have lost your attachment. I thought to myself this. Even I lost my cafe now, even I lost the people I love, I could still get to the place of total surrender and the peace.

How wonderful it was to experience this. I am not yet there that I could feel like this all the time. But I am grateful to say that I had a chance to feel this way.

From these two night we have raised  close to $4000. All the profits will be going to Action Aid, helping to restore human rights, especially women and girls.

Our generous sponsors include

organic empire – always inspiring organic delivery service, offering the best quality and locally sourced organic produce.

staple store – health food store showcasing the best whole foods. ethically and sustainable, run by a qualified naturopath and such loving Catie

fletcher brown skin clinic – specialist medical skin clinic, offering organic facial treatments

kula yoga – hot yoga, yin yoga and flow yoga in a beautiful studio in Hawthorn

manuko – organic superfood raw treats

green horse – specialises in hand picked clothing and more from sustainable, ethical sources.

really awesome whole foods – specialising the best fermented drinks and foods

vegie head – well known plant based meal author, inspiring so many others to enjoy delicious and conscious meals

event head – experienced event organiser and stylist. warm and passionate, Jade made me feel comfortable and making the event stress free.

cecilia fox – floral studio offering sustainably sorced, often organic and local plants and flowers

And i would love to thank Mariana and Esther, who I am sure you have met if you have been to the cafe. I am so fortunate to have got to know them and have their beautiful supports.

thank you again for your support for this year. I have learnt and grown so much this year. yes the cafe is going to keep evolving. It will change as it needs to. But I know this. I am not going to scarifies my beliefs or what I stand for. I vision this place as not an usual “cafe” I see Shokuiku to bring people together and inspire each other, and of course with the yummiest food, made consciously

love and gratitude to you all

yoko xxx


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