raw vegan Anzac cookie recipe

raw vegan anzac cookie

only raw vegan Anzac recipe you need right here Even though the story behind these cookies are pretty vague, they have become part of tradition. Golden syrup is traditionally used to sweeten these cookies. Golden syrup is basically refined sugar, delivering empty calories. Oats are somewhat controversial as many grain free, gluten free people avoid […]

raw vegan hazelnut fudge with chaga

raw vegan hazelnut fudge

Sometimes I just don’t want to wash a food processor or blender. This recipe is for those “lazy” times only 4 ingredients (3 if you dont add extra chaga though it is highly recommended) quick and easy. absolutely delicious. get in the kitchen now 100g cacao paste, melted 170g hazelnut buter (you can make your […]

Why choose Miron Jars

Miron jars

We are excited to let you know you know we are now offering the option of having your superfoods and superherbs packed on violet glass Miron Jars. Why Miron Jars? Our aim is to offer you the freshest and most nutrient dense superfoods possible and choosing the right storage can affect the potency and freshness […]

Green mean salad- every day raw vegan recipe

every day raw vegan salald

We all know we need to eat more vegetables. It is easier when we have a tasty dressing to go with the salad, right? Some vegetables ( that have tougher fibre) need more preparation when eating them raw.  These vegetables I used are relatively light that dressing can be mixed just before serving. Green Salad […]

raw vegan Chocolate Covered butterfly pea marshmallow

raw vegan marshmallow

This recipe is pretty amazing. Raw vegan desserts used to consist of nuts and dried fruits. Simple desserts like that are great but I also enjoy experimenting to create a new texture flavour combinations and get to know a new ingredients. Chocolate shell creates a nice crunch , complimenting a soft centre of marshmallow. If you […]

Raw Vegan Chocolate covered Turmeric square – free recipe

raw vegan turmeric square recipe

                                  This raw vegan square is seriously amazing. Using mulberries as a sweetener can give you a caramel flavour and macadamia to give buttery texture to the squares. I have used Luo han guo to sweeten the chocolate. Luo han […]

Meet Steph Gabriel From OceanZen


      Meet a carefree, ocean loving mermaid who is passionate, conscious and inspiring to so many of us. Steph Gabriel is a founder of sustainable swimwear company, OceanZen. OceanZen’s fabric is made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles from the ocean and landfill. I love meeting and get inspired by people like […]

goji, schisandra and gynostemma iced latte recipe

goji, schisandra and gynostemma iced latte

Goji, schisandra and gynostemma iced latte Probably these three herbs, goji, schisandra and gynostemma, would be my favourite herbs. (wait, maybe I will have to add some medicinal mushrooms to the list though). They have amazing health benefits and really versatile. They are adaptogenic enough that I haven’t met many people who cannot take these […]

avocado, chia and hemp cream pudding with chaga

avocado chia and hemp cream pudding with chaga

Now that we even have quite an extreme health regime such as ketogenic diet there is a movement that is bringing back the good fats. I totally agree that not all the fats are created equal. I am a big fan of clean plant based fats which are not oxidised. When we change the structure […]

raw vegan mince pie recipe


Last year I shared a recipe for raw vegan christmas pudding. This year I made mince pies and they were pretty amazing. One person tried one and she got 10 more to take home Another person claimed that they were so similar to traditional vegetarian mince pies. Extra steps can make a huge difference in […]