Shoku was created when our pre packaged products were launched in October 2012.

Say NO to lifeless and denatured food !

They may be convenient but full of preservatives and chemicals. Refined foods prevent us from keeping vital body and mind. What we need is high quality whole and intact foods that can clean, build or maintain us.

It makes sense that by eating foods created by nature helps us to harmonise with natural rhythms. Wholesome foods nourish your body as oppose to starving it with empty calories from factory made foods.

About Shoku

We strive to be green and sustainable as possible.

We use the finest organic/ bio dynamic and fair trade ingredients. All the products contain no dairy or animal products, and free from gluten. Also no sugar added (that means no concentrated syrup such as agave, maple syrup etc. either) made with only the organic “real” foods.

Our packaging is made with bio degradable materials sourced from ethical independent businesses. The bag is made with natureflex, which is 100 percent bio degradable. The stickers were created by distant village using tree less paer and safe adhensive. Our electricity comes from solar energy

Why Raw?

Because it is not heated over a certain temperature

  • the anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals are NOT lost
  • enzymes still alive to do its work to digest the food properly
  • no protein or fats get oxidised through high heat

So, even when nobody is looking, Be kind to your body… because when you truly satisfy your body it rewards you by keeping you well, strong, beautiful, energetic and uplifted.

Please note that orders placed today will not arrive before Christmas.

We are slowing down over the holiday period of 18th December to 14th January. We may still be able to process your order during this time but it may take longer than usual. Thank you for your understanding.