Tocotrienols Powder



It helps the body use vitamin A, maintains cell membranes. Contributes to healthy skin and hair, protecting healthy cells from destruction by free radicals.

Only until recently vitamin E was thought to be composed of several tocophenols. A new class of compounds related to tocophenols have been discovered and they are called tocotrienols.  There are 4 named tocotrienols at this moment and additional 20 unnamed tocotrienols have been discovered.

This powder contains alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocotrienols

Tocopherol is usually found in drugstores as supplements or as an additive to fortified products. Their molecules have a long tail with no double bonds. This makes its anti oxidative capacity lower than tocotrienols which have a short tail with 3 double bonds. This structure enables the vitamin to perform more efficiently. Tocotrienols occur naturally in certain foods but in a small dose.


ingredients :Stabilised rice bran, rice bran extract, rice germ

all natural and processed without any chemical or additives. Made rom non GMO rice.

No favour is added.

Possible Benefits

• Increase energy, endurance and brain function
• Helps with immune system, stress
• Anti-aging and contains anti-oxidant, fight with free radicals
• Positive effect on skin and hair
• Contains hypoallergenic protein
Net Weight: 70g

Additional information

Weight 70 g

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