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Sea Chicory rivals nori in Peruvian fare. In South America, it is used in soups & stews mostly and also for desserts where it plays a role in setting jellies. Similar looking species are also well known in Asia, generally called yanaginori in Japan. Pacific Harvest Sea Chicory is harvested from the clear waters of the South Pacific; it has a mild, pleasant taste and comes in a few natural colours. When dried Sea Chicory looks like a tangled mass of hair but re-hydrates quickly with stunning visual effects. Its pleasant yet mild taste and extraordinary health benefits also make it an ideal nutritional and culinary addition to many dishes.

Sea Chicory  is sourced from South America where it is sustainably harvested. It is dried naturally and hand packed with minimal processing.

Sea Chicory provides an abundance of vitamins, minerals & trace elements; it also contents natural gums like agar and carrageenan. It is believed to have antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties and is said to support immune function.

mix of natural, green and red chicory in a bagSea-Chicory-RedSea-Chicory-GreenSea-Chicory-Natural



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