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Sacha Jergon is  a herb that grows wild in the Amazon basin up to the lower elevations of the Andes Mountains. This herb earned its name due to its effectiveness in combating snake venom.

The main use of this outstanding herb is as an activator of other herbs. Sacha Jergon can provide a key to unlock other herbs to increase their power and effectiveness.

Another use is to rejuvenate the liver. The liver is the primary organ of detoxification and cleansing in the body

The entire plant of Sacha Jergon must be harvested in order to prepare the root. Up until recently there has been no way to harvest this healing herb sustainably. Our suppliers have been working closely with the sources in Peru, they can offer us Sacha Jergon which has been processed in a conscious manner. Every harvest is accompanied by carefully orchestrated plantings in the nearby rainforest.

 Possible Benefits

• helps improve the effectiveness of other herbs
• may offer liver support and rejuvenation
• being studied for use against HIV virus
Net Weight: 100 g

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Weight 100 g


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