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Roya jelly is the food given to Queen Bees of the hive, is anatomically and physiological different than bee workers. She can live up to six years as opposed to six weeks. This superfood is believed to help rebuild exhausted hormone systems, especially adrenal, pancreatic and reproductive functions, aiding in longevity and overall health.

Many studies have shown its effect on your longevity.

– anti-carcinogenic

– antibacterial

– contains entire B complex including B12

– restores skin PH balance

-regenrate damaged body sues especially after exercise and injury

– increase DHEA, powerful anti-ageing hormone

– improves memory (contains Choline, Inositol and acetylcholine)

– contains collagen, zinc which are necessary for hormone production of testosterone

– rebalances stress related hormones such as cortisol


This royal jelly is much more powerful and purer product compared to any other brands.

RAW – this powder is vacuum dried within 4-6 hours of it being harvested from the hives. This process will keep its potency very high and less oxidation occurs. The vacuum drying process is done below 36 celsius to retain the enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, and other highly volatile compounds.


This royal jelly is certified organic testing using 3 rd party to ensure quality control of organic standards.

It is to make sure that bees are not fed sugar (many honey production feeds simple syrup in order to continue producing of honey and royal jelly through the winter, at time when bees are supposed to be resting) as even organic sugar has residual chemicals in the finished product that are transferred to the bees products.

The testing also tells that the bees are not collecting from non-organic or GM crops

There is an assumed radius for the bees to collet from. ( bees cannot travel too far).  The bees primary collect from certified organic tea plants in the area. Since there is such a density o flowers available the assumption is that the bees have no need to ravel beyond approximately 10 kilometres in order to get their food needs met.

The farm is located in one of the cleanest and most pristine mountain regions. The land is rural and there is little in the way of industrialisation

The bee farmers are all required to have their bee hives created without the use of metals, such as metal nails. This is done to limit and eliminate potential contaminants of heavy metals (often adulterants in steel, iron and aluminum manufacturing) that can transfer into the bees and their products.

Suggested Use –
Start with 1/8th of a teaspoon to determine a baseline for how sensitive you are to royal jelly. Once you do this for a few days, you may increase it as you are comfortable with the effects. A good effective dose for most people leading highly active lives (both mentally and physically) is around 2 teaspoons. Peak performance athletes may want to consider more if they are on a hard core training cycle.

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