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Our Shokuiku Academy Raw Food Course Intensive is structured as a 17 day module program which are to be completed within 3 months of commencing in order to receive your certification. The lessons in this program covers both basic and advance techniques in preparing raw food cuisine as well as general knowledge on nutrition and working in the kitchen.

Lessons are brought to life with videos and photos. Yoko will personally review each assignments and will be given one-on-one comprehensive feedback.

Below are some of the lessons covered on the Raw Food Course Intensive:

Food safety

Kitchen equipments

Soaking seeds

Healthy ingredients

Flavour Balancing



Nut cheese

Natural Sweeteners

Nut milks

Knife Skill

Juicing and Blending

Gluten free and raw flour alternatives


Sea weeds

Raw biscuits and breads


Menu planning

Plating and presentation

Fermented Foods

And over 25 raw food dishes and desserts that you can make in your own kitchen.

This program is structured so that you will learn how to not only follow recipes but create your own using both modern and classic understanding of culinary technique. In real world you will have to adjust, substitute and individualize recipes. Having a core knowledge and knowing how to make future adjustments are the key to a creative and more enjoyable experience in the kitchen.

There are also short quizzes and one final test and project that must be completed to complete the course. Upon completion, you will receive a Shokuiku Academy Intensive Raw Food Course certification.

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