noni fruit leather raw organic






100 percent pure organic noni fruit

raw, low heat processed from non-fermented noni pulp

Noni leather is found to be 14 ties more potent than noni juice, which often has unwanted sugars and other preservatives.

serving size

One 2 oz package of Noni Fruit Leather if taken:

Daily= 32 day supply
2 pieces per day= 16 day supply
4 pieces per day= 8 day supply

Organic raw noni fruit is a potent source antioxidants, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals that can support healthy immune system. Noni is known to stimulates the production of T-cells (white blood cells), which plays a vital role in supporting good health.

Noni has also been used for antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. A study found that noni is 75 % as strong as morphine as a pain killer and anti inflammatory without any side effects.

Possible Benefits

Reducing of arthritis pain
Decreasing muscle aches and headaches
Powerful anti-inflammatory properties
Increasing sense of well-being
Reducing symptoms from allergies
Improving digestion
Combating depression, memory & difficult concentration
Protective properties against high blood pressure, heart disease & stroke. combat obesity
Decreasing acute & chronic pain


Eating Noni Fruit Leather

Recommended daily serving:
For basic maintenance (to keep yourself healthy) simply take one 2 inch by 2 inch piece per day
For chronic conditions take two to four 2 inch by 2 inch pieces per day. Start with two pieces per day and if you are not getting the desired results simply up the dosage to four pieces per day. Take half in the morning and half in the evening as raw food.

Noni Fruit Leather can be consumed in many different ways. The simplest way is to tear off a piece no bigger than four square inches (2 inches by 2 inches) and simply sucking on it to let it dissolve in your mouth.

Other Ways to Consume Noni Fruit Leather:
1. Tear the 2 inch by 2 inch piece into smaller pieces, roll those into small balls/capsules and swallow whole
2. Dissolve a piece of Noni Fruit Leather in your favorite juice or blend it up in a smoothie
3. Dissolve a piece of Noni Fruit Leather in warm water when steeping a tea and stir with a spoon


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