Nature’s design drinking bottle

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Lagoena Water Bottle

Made from 40% Recycled (tempered) GLASS, with removable cork cover and screw top wooden lid.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand on production, this bottle is no longer 100% hand-made. It is still made to the precise calculations of the original bottle.

Don’t keep buying those toxic plastic bottles! The trendy, practical Lagoena water bottle is designed to take with you wherever you go. Beautifully balanced in the hand, delightful to drink from, and protected from breaking by it’s cork cover and wooden lid, this is easily our most popular product in the Nature’s Design range.

As with all Nature’s Design glassware, the Lagoena is shaped to correlate with proportions of the golden ratio to restructure, revitalise and energise water molecules so that you are getting the best quality water when you drink from this bottle. The precisely-fitted, removable shell of natural cork protects the bottle against shock and helps to insulate – plus it fits all popular bottle-carriers/holders.

Manufactured using a semi-automatic machine production process from temperature-resistant refractory glass (suitable for hot and cold drinks), the Lagoena meets the highest standards for quality.

The screw cap consists of 2 main parts, one is the outer wooden cover made from FSC certified beech wood and in inner screw cap which is new to this world.

The inner screw cap is made from “biowood” which is an FDA / BgVV. certified and approved composition of biopolymeres, natural fibres, wax and wooden sawdust, all made from renewable resources and 100% biodegradable.

A truly unique, beautiful and functional piece, you will LOVE it!


500ml and 700ml available

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Weight 500 g

500ml = 37.90, 700ml = 63.80


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