High-Himalayan black shilajit



Shilajit, meaning “destroyer of weakness” is an exceptional herb and adaptogen.

it is an end product of plant matter trapped within the himalayan mountains which decomposed and then became preserved because of the pressure.

It contains at least 85 minerals as well as humid and fulvic acid. it is used for incredible nourishing ability and a natural support for renewing vitality and physical strength

Shilajit has ben recognised by Ayurveda and other ancient cultures for more than 3000 years. It is recommended for all types of conditions but prominent benefits include

– anti-ageing and bio generative, promoting cell regeneration and maintaining the health of old cells

– Blood purification

– enhance immune system

– energy synthesis, promoting metabolism of amino acids, vitamins and minerals

– helps with diabetes, blood sugar level

– strengthen bones and maintain healthy joints.

– spiritual enlightenment



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