Fulvic minerals – super concentrated



The Most Concentrated (400,000 ppm) Fulvic Organic, Ionic Mineral Product on the Market today.

PLUS A Potent Fulvic-based Essential Macro and Trace Mineral and Support Group including extra Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D, Boron, Phosphorus, Manganese, Potassium, Zinc, Selenium, and others have been added to provide more of the key minerals that support optimum health.


Each 4 ounce GLASS dropper bottle of FULVIC MINERALS SUPER CONCENTRATE 400X provides an INCREDIBLE 975.80 mg Fulvic per dose.

Other Fulvic products offered on the internet may have high concentrations, but only deliver between 18.75 to 859.5 mg of Fulvic because the recommended dose is so small.


Fulvic – Nature’s Own Nutrient Activation and Delivery System to the Cell – Transports all 74+ Organic, Ionic Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Phytonutrients directly to the cell. Biochemical processes that support health and life primarily occur inside the cell. Nutrients are used in these biochemical processes. If nutrients don’t make it to the cell, these processes become impaired. Without Fulvic, only a small portion of supplements people take make it to the cell. Fulvic also charges up the cell’s membrane so nutrients can get inside easier and waste products produced in normal processes are eliminated and don’t build-up inside the cell.

Fulvic can also help remove some Heavy Metals and Mineral Metals even in Deepest Tissue according to some studies, Recharges and Balances pH and Cell Membrane Electrical Potential to Help Restore Optimal Cellular Function, Energy and Vitality.

FULVIC MINERALS SUPER CONCENTRATE 400X was Rated a Superior Fulvic Product on all Benchmarks (Concentration, Purity, Activity and others) in Head-to-Head Test Study of Fulvic Acid Products.

FULVIC MINERALS SUPER CONCENTRATE 400X is Registered Organic by the WSDA (A Quality Benchmark Itself). Does not contain any preservatives.

dosage: take 5- 12 drops per day ( should last around 6 months or more)

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Weight 260 g


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