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Elderberries are best known to combat flu viruses and respiratory ailments. Research shows that the elderberry has been 90% effective in battling the H1N1 flu virus if taken early enough. it works by increasing a compound that inhibits the ability of the flue virus to penetrate cell membranes and invade the respiratory tract. Elderberries have been shown to relieve allergies and hay fever, soothe a sore throat, combat sinusitis, lower fever and treat emphysema.

Known to have the power to “strengthen the inner warrior” by the North American medicine people elderberries can have an immuno-protecting and immuno-stimulating effect which can reduce inflammation in the body, particularly in the intestines, which is great relief for those suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases.

Possible Benefits

• Used for centuries by traditional healers to treat colds and fevers
• Studies show that it contains anti-inflammatory properties
• May be beneficial in helping to maintain proper cholesterol levels
• Helpful in supporting a healthy immune system
• May increase metabolic unction
Net Weight: 100 g
Make your own elderberry syrup. Recipe here

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Weight 100 g

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