Dong Quai Root organic



Dong Quai root has been nick named as ‘female ginseng” because of its powerful benefits for women. But It can be as effective for men, especially to boost fertility.

It is known to regulate estrogen levels and help with menopausal symptoms as well as PMS symptoms because of its antispasmodic properties and by dilating the blood vessels to increase flow. It may also be useful to encourage a regular cycle after stopping to take birth control pills.

It can also have blood toning, strengthening and nourishing effects and can improve your mental state, combat stress and anxiety to promote relaxation.

Possible Benefits

• Boost male and female fertility
• Reduce anxiety, combat stress and reduce severity of mood swing
• Anti-aging  by increasing circulation , improves the complexion and aids detoxification
• Toning, strengthening and nourishing blood and improve circulations
• May increase the hemoglobin content
• Help with PMS symptoms and eases cramps. may be helpful restoring regular cycle after stopping to take birth control pills
Net Weight: 100 g

Additional information

Weight100 g


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