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What is cosmic hemp?
Cosmic Hemp charcoal (CH) is the microbe symbiotic hemp. A 100% natural combination of hemp charcoal and effective microorganisms (EM enzyme), breathed the energy of sun, moon, planets and the land of Miyakojima island, Okinawa, southern Japan.
The process of producing Cosmic Hemp begins with carbonizing hemp stems at an anoxia state at a considerably high temperature (15-­‐20 min.) .The resulting charcoal is mixed with an enzyme solution containing many beneficial microorganisms including yeast fungi, lactic-­‐ acid bacteria, and photosynthetic bacteria. This mixture is left to dry in the sun more than 3 days, assimilating much higher vibrational cosmic energy. During this time, the microorganisms get settled into the hemp cavities then go dormant, awaiting the day they are tempted to be delightful by the humidity and temperature so that they get activated again.

You can enjoy CH freely and creatively as you consider following 3 aspects:

1) Hemp: An ancient plant held sacred by many cultures around the world. Hemp and hemp products have become very popular among those concerned with environmental health and the sustainability of modern farming practices. Hemp has a great energy to unify Yin and Yang (centralization, zero spin), that is harmonizing and cell reviving energy. It helps the function of our natural healing ability, which human beings originally have, with the Keywords of ‘Harmony’ and ‘Relaxation’, not ‘Power’.

2) Charcoal: In the west, charcoal is utilized medically and the splendid clinical data and experiences of the use of harmless activated charcoal are reported. Its ability to absorb toxic substances, toxin, or radioactive material etc. is also attracting attention. Furthermore, hemp Charcoal is about 4 times more porous of Bincho charcoal, 1.6 times of Bamboo charcoal. It means that there are innumerable micro-­‐ holes that have strong power to adsorb harmful chemical substances. Hemp charcoal has the same level of porousness of activated charcoal, although it is naturally carbonized, without engaging in any chemical or gas processes.

3) Effective Microorganisms (EM): EM is the combination of effective microorganisms. They activate the function of microorganisms in our body and skin as well as being effectively utilized for any kind of fermentations, constructions, environmental purification. Particularly, the ‘EM special enzyme’ which is adopted in Cosmic Hemp is made by focusing and listening to the delightful voice of microorganisms, so that it is full of ecstasy and orgasm of them.
The microbe symbiotic hemp charcoal is a gift from the universe bringing harmony and bliss to our body and soul.
Characteristic of the Cosmic Hemp
We would like to share benefit of Hemp powder in providing opportunities of using hemp powder.
Domestically Japanese government has not approved hemp powder edible use but additives as carbonised timber.
In France and Holland Hemp powder is widely used for home remedy i.e. sterilization, anti-inflammatory, diarrhea and infections and highly recognized in the western countries.
Using hemp powder is being used for the purpose of medical treatment and there have been many data and reports provided by natural therapy and medical front.
Porous — Cosmic hemp does not need chemical treatment but it has  micro porous ( 1-4 nm)
This is easily done by hand.
Using true bred not GMO. Grown in Chian and process in Miyakojima , Japan.
It absorb energy of Miyakojima nature , Sun and cosmic energy
It is activated and matured by microorganism.
It also proceed virtue cycle by microorganism

How to use
• Drink – Use a shaker with water or juice. One teaspoon to table spoon.  Before bedtime or between meals recommended.
• Rice cooking – Put one teaspoonful of powder, mix with rice then add water.
• Use as a fermenter with Soybean for Yogurt
• Mix with bread
• Use 3-10g of powder for bathing
• Mix with shampoo and skin care products
• Use as a fertilizer for plants
Great for artists who work with ceramics, glass, paints…
Benefits of using the Cosmic Hemp powder
• Absorption
• Odor elimination
• Far infrared ray
• Detox
• Intestinal regulation
• Promote fermentation
• Humidity conditioning
• Combustion assistant
• Improve soil
• Feng Shui
• Bio resonance
…please note (before start using the Cosmic Hemp)…

-> Cosmic Hemp is a fine powder therefore it files up easily.  We recommend you to put it in a screw top container for storage.

-> Use with care internally and externally.  Eating more than 3 gram of Cosmic Hemp at once may cause constipation.




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