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Bilberry is a close relative of the blueberry, cranberry and huckleberry and is loaded with potent antioxidants including flavonoids and anthocyanins as well as tannins which are astringent, plant polyphenols. There compounds are responsible for antioxidant activity of bilberries.

Anthocyanins found in bilberries are plant pigments which have amazing anti-aging, anti-oxidant and healing  qualities. It can fight free radicals in the body, strengthen blood capillaries and improve overall circulatory health.

Traditionally Bilberries have been used as a natural remedy to promote overall visual health, including night vision, protecting rhodopsin and retinal purple in the eye and other disorders such as glaucoma, nearsightedness, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Origin: Macedonia

Possible Benefits

● Alleviating diarrhea
● Helping to protect & enhance vision
● Lowering blood sugar levels
● Reducing inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis
● Diuretic effects
● Increasing blood supply to the nervous system
● Improving overall circulatory health
● Improving capillary function
● Fighting urinary tract infections
● Anti-ulcer properties

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Weight 100 g

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