how high is your energy?

We can talk about HOW MUCH energy we have. We can also talk about the QUALITY of energy as well.

I first was exposed to this idea when I discovered a work of Christie Marie Sheldon. She is an intuitive healer and medium who have worked with over 10000 clients and done many speakings on the radio and in various seminars.

What if I tell you that shifting your personal energy higher will uplift 5 key areas of your life? Love, Wealth and abundance, relationships, career and health. Christie says our personal energy is what allows us to live the life we desire and deserve.

This idea that energy can move and create has been around for a long time. Qi gong and tai chi in China, Kundalini energy and and prana energy was sought after in India. Reiki from Japan has healed countless people around the world.

If you are those who would like to see the scientific proof there are many. Aura can be photographed to show the object’s electrical discharge. Dr. William Braud at the Mind Science foundation did an experiment to prove that people could slow down the rate that red blood cells die in a lab dish. While the effects were small, the results were statistically significant. Dr Masaru Emoto has shown how powerful our energy was. In his study he would project a thought onto a glass of water and freeze the water. When a regular water with a piece of paper with words such as “love” or “joy” , the water crystal had perfect symmetry and pure colour. Others with words like “hate” and “anger” the crystals were rough and opaque. I don’t need this kind of researches to assure me that our thoughts and minds are powerful because I have experienced it myself. But it sure is interesting.

Dr. David Hawkins on his book POWER VS FORCE: THE ANATOMY OF CONSCIOUSNESS explains all objects have energy and all of this energy vibrates on a scale of consciousness. consciousness_scale

According to Christie average level on Earth is around 207. When you vibrate at the level of 500, level of love it acts like a magnet and brings all the fantastic things you truly desire into your life. Dr Hawkins has also discovered that when one person is vibrating at a level of 500 or higher s/he can lift 750,000 other people above 200.

I totally agree with this idea. because I have experienced it. but the question is how do I keep myself on that higher level all /most of the time? I still have desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt and shame in my life now and then.

Everyone has different to tools that can work to lift the energy up. I like to write a journal, talk to people, think higher vibrational thoughts (sometimes force myself till I start to see the truth in them), go and feel the earth, listen to music. I have also started noticing when I go into that low energy, sometimes just before or in the middle of it. When I do I recognise the feeling and accept it with sympathy. These thoughts and feelings come and go,  but they are not real “me”.  These are here to challenge me so I can grow and learn more in this life.

How do you deal with your lower vibrational energy?

Peace, Joy and Love to you

yoko xx

About Yoko Inoue

Yoko is the founder of organic raw food and living food cafe, Shoku Iku. The desire to feed her new born daughter and herself healing natural food lead Yoko to discover the importance of the relationship between good health, diet, mind and lifestyle choices. Yoko studied the Macrobiotic lifestyle at the Kushi Institute in Japan, this inspired her to train as a holistic nutritionist which then opened up the world of raw and living foods.


  1. you are beautiful. live for the day and embrace every moment. sending love

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