Shokuiku Cafe

Shoku Iku is not your ordinary dining destination. It is a place to learn and experience a new dynamic way of eating. Introducing whole foods “uncooked” using healing organic / bio dynamic ingredients, emphasising the importance of vegetables, fruits and whole natural foods and the use of “super foods and “super herbs.”

We create our dishes using seasonal 100% organic or chemical free ingredients, we have a strong belief in consciousness, well being and sustainability for ourselves and the planet. The water we used is filtered with reduced fluoride and other chemicals found in tap water. Nuts and seeds are activated for the maximum nutrition and digestibility. Our meals are plant based, gluten free and refined sugar or agave syrup free.


Our space was created with sustainability in mind using stunning timbers, which are recycled, reclaimed or from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). We also use bamboo and energy efficient lights as well as bio degradable materials for our packaging.

We strive to be part of ethical businesses with strong relationship with ActionAid, anti poverty organisations, fighting for human rights and injustice with a focus on  women and girls around the world.

Shoku Iku is a business that started from the heart and always will be. We believe that the intention and love that go into creating the meals, drinks and desserts are as important. Please feel free to open up, reach out and connect with us.

We love hosting a community event, focusing on holistic wellness, community connection to inspire and empower ourselves.

At our cafe in Melbourne, there are many hand crafted raw and living food products available for you to purchase – from our signature raw granolas to new products like raw crackers and cacao syrup. We also stock incredible organic and wildcrafted superfoods, superherbs and other hard-to-get supplements for your optimal health.


120 high street,

northcote, VIC  3070

Melbourne, Australia

contact number

0431955819 (cafe)

0403569019 (other enquiries)

opening times

Tues – Sun:   9:30 am to 4:00 pm




Lunch – our lunch menu changes daily, weekly, seasonally, depending on what is organically and seasonally available. Please ask what is avaialble for the day. Lunch serving from 11am

Dinner– keep an eye for special dinner courses and special events organised regularly.

You can view our latest menus on our Menus page

Please note that orders placed today will not arrive before Christmas.

We are slowing down over the holiday period of 18th December to 14th January. We may still be able to process your order during this time but it may take longer than usual. Thank you for your understanding.