Tocotrienols Powder


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Product Description

It helps the body use vitamin A, maintains cell membranes. Contributes to healthy skin and hair, protecting healthy cells from destruction by free radicals.

Only until recently vitamin E was thought to be composed of several tocophenols. A new class of compounds related to tocophenols have been discovered and they are called tocotrienols. Alpha-tocophenols are said to be 40 -60 times more potent than alpha-tocophenol. There are 4 named tocotrienols at this moment and additional 20 unnamed tocotrienols have been discovered.

This powder contains alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocotrienols

Possible Benefits

• Increase energy, endurance and brain function
• Helps with immune system, stress
• Anti-aging and contains anti-oxidant, fight with free radicals
• Positive effect on skin and hair
Net Weight: 70g
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Additional Information

Weight 70 g

Anti-Oxidant, Beauty, Energy, Immunity


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