the wellness book victoria
the wellness book victoria

the wellness book victoria


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Wander into the world of wellness with a comprehensive guide to healthy living.

Start from the inside out, with a focus on nutrition. Juice bars, raw cafes and health conscious chefs make healthy eating easy, dishing up fare that’s sure to leave your tastebuds tingling and your body freshly fuelled.

Nurture your body and mind at one of the many boutique studios. Get your heart racing with personalised fitness classes, or look to strengthen and tone with Pilates or yoga. Delve deep into your mindfulness practice with infrared sauna and floatation, or pedal the day’s stress away with indoor cycling.

Wellness extends beyond the gym door with a renewed awareness of where products come from. Explore organic grocers and boutique food delivery services, as well as herbal teas and organic skincare, to truly welcome healthy living into your home.

Equip yourself with the knowledge from some of the industry’s best, ensuring your journey to better health is nothing but a success.


When I first asked to be featured in this book I thought it was only going to be a business directory. it definitely is not. Sure there are some amazing cafes, restaurants, brands, food products, yoga studio, movement specialists featured but there are articles, workouts, tips, and important information to lead a wellness life!

highly recommended

ISBN 978-0-9944326-3-6
Pages 420

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