organic raw chocolate and strawberry cake

special order organic raw cake with decorations



Product Description

We have a standard size, which offers 12-16 people and from $90. We also have a smaller size, which suited for 8-12 people and start from $80. The cakes do freeze well if there are some left over.
With flavours we love being creative and flexible, if you could let us know what you would like we can suggest a couple of options for you.
We also offer nut free and other No-GI/ beneficial sugar options (stevia , lakanto, leo han guo, or sunroot syrup, which is high in inulin and good for digestive system).
If you are interested please email me at com. Please note that the order is needed 4 days before the pick up.IMG_1888 organic raw chocolate and strawberry cakeorganic and raw red velvet cake with rose creamspecial girl's raw cake
An order must be canceled by 3 days before the pick up date, if you desire a refund. Refund requests will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.
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